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Nov. 10, 2013


On Thurs. Oct. 24 at the Great Hall of Pierce College a political forum was held, with some dignitaries including Matt Dababneh, Susan Shelly, and Nancy Kennedy among others.

Nancy Kennedy was first on the list of speakers. She was an authority on disability rights and their history. She was initially involved due to an accident when she dove in a lake and broke her neck, leading to her becoming a quadriplegic and confined to a wheel chair. At that time she began to realize how important and necessary it was to receive governmental assistance for such tragic conditions. She decided to dedicate her life to working to achieve that help for all who are unfortunate as herself. She realized how the conditions and the present laws (The Olmsted Supreme Court decision and short sighted budget cuts) made it difficult for the disabled. She argued for A.H.A. (Obamacare)as one step in the right direction. Next to speak was Matt Dababneh, candidate for State Assembly in the 45th district located in the San Fernando Valley. He appeared to be a strong advocate of Obamacare. He mentioned that it was his grandmother that taught him the importance of community service. He said that he had graduated from Pierce College, and from CSUN, and UCLA with degrees in political science and history. He first worked on John Kerry’s presidential campaign. He then worked for Congressman Brad Sherman for eight years as chief of staff and as a senior aide. He said that he helped thousands of Valley residents and businesses to solve problems with the federal government. He was an active community volunteer serving on the boards of several local non-profit organizations, including the Hope of the Valley Rescue Mission, and the Valley Cultural Center, as well as the Phoenix House Juvenile Drug Rehabilitation Academy, and the House of Hope. He said that he was proud that he worked for Brad Sherman when he voted for the Affordable Health Care Act. He said he was also proud when Gov. Davis signed the measure making California the first State to allow workers to take leave to take care of a sick child or spouse. The experience had showed him the great inequality in health care in America. He had spoken for the legalizing of Marijuana. He endorsed more funding for education. Susan Shelly spoke and appeared to lack the same applause as had Dababneh. She expressed her disapproval of Obamacare. She said that the AHA should be repealed! She felt that it would be bad for business, and would ruin the economy! In the past she has been reported as advocating the impeachment of Pres. Obama. She has had “doubts” about whether he was born in the United States. She preferred that marijuana remain illegal. She opposed all gun control laws. She said that she opposes all efforts to limit global warming. She was an advocate of the flat tax. That is actually a tax that favors the rich more than the poor. Towards the end, Adrianna Canales, and Karen Ravago answered some questions from the audience about health care. About one question it was mentioned that one might still receive Medical even if one does not have a job, or that if you are earning less than 15 thousand dollars a year. The answer was yes. I definitely enjoyed having attended the “Day Of Politics” at the Great Hall!