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Who is Ralph Shroyer?


  1. I was born in Oak Park Illinois on June 2, 1930.
  2. Both parents had jobs. My father was an electrical engineer working for Hotpoint Inc.. My mother was a secretary.
  3. I have only memories of a normal childhood going to school and playing games with my childhood friends. I was not much aware that we were experiencing a serious depression. “My father was rich and my mother good-looking”. I could buy 2 large jelly rolls for 5 cents at the corner bakery. I had first edition copies of Superman and Batman comics in my collection.
  4. I was in High School during the 2ond World War. I was in the Army during the Korean War. I was drafted and sent to Ft. Ord, Ca. After surviving basic training, I told my superiors that I did not want to go to officer training because I didn’t believe that my M2 rifle was my best friend as I had been told, and that I had no quarrel with the Koreans, and didn’t want to kill them or to be killed myself. I was subsequently discharged! During Vietnam I spent much of my time helping to organize the Peace & Freedom Party of California, and protesting in the streets. Some of my friends were killed by the police during anti-war rallies. During Bush’s Iraqi war I was arrested for the first time while attending one of the protests. Incidentally my sign read “Dick + Bush = fucked”!
  5. In education I achieved Master Degrees in Education and History. From California State University at Northridge.
  6. I was married at the age of 33, and had one daughter. I taught school for over thirty years, while my wife took care of child care.
  7. I first voted for Eisenhower at the age of 21. I voted for Stevenson for Ike’s second term. However I found a greater respect for Ike when he retired and uttered that famous last word statement: “Beware of the military-industrial complex”! I can’t recall if my mother voted. I only remember that she would become upset when my father and I argued over politics at the dinner table.
  8. I myself have not experienced racial or gender discrimination. I am, of course, concerned about the excessive societal discrimination of many types in our country.
  9. I am a great admirer of Martin Luther King. I was instrumental in the founding of the Peace & Freedom Party, as well as having friends and allies from the Black Panther Party.
  10. I have not done a whole lot for the woman’s liberation movement. I was happy to notice that Jane Fonda whom I consider a friend, as well as her former husband has recently become a strong advocate for woman’s rights.
    In summary some other aspects of my life would include the facts that I ran for U.S. Congress on four occasions. My platform included the proposition that one should not depend on private money to be a viable candidate. The powers that be disagreed of course. Enough said! I spent my later years traveling about the country and the world learning about life as it exists around the world. I have spent time as a professional chess and poker player.
    I have known Ralph for some years. After having talked with him I realize that he is a straightforward and down to earth person. He comes from a very decent family and seems to care a lot about the country and the world we live in. He has served his country in that he takes our democracy seriously enough to keep well informed, and involved in politics. He is interested in the protection against global warming. He cares about giving help to the people in our country as well as others in our world. He favors gun control, woman’s rights, fair policies towards immigration, as well as improved voting rights. In regard to the later (voting) He believes we should adopt a system including providing for giving a second choice when we mark the ballot. Consequently we then wouldn’t have to accept a lesser of “two evils” when we vote. Of course he thinks we should do away with our antiquated electoral college, and provide total public financing for all candidates who qualify with significant signatures from supporters. He believes that our biggest problem in elections was the recent ruling of the Supreme Court decreeing that corporations are people! And, that they don’t even have to disclose who gives what to whom. (Such nonsense!). What seems even more ludicrous to Ralph is that people in this country have been bought and sold the “K-ool-Aid” that taxing the rich would simply ruin our economy and bring disaster to all. He says “call it socialism or communism (which is erroneous) if you will, but providing economic parity to our citizens is required if we really want to escape the sad shape we’re in at the present time.” In earlier times when Franklin Roosevelt was around, the tax rate on the wealthy was 90%, and political candidates were granted equal time on the media to that of their opponents. Ralph believes “those were the days!” Ralph thinks that perhaps Capitalism = Greed and Greed = Disaster!

Instructor: Sheryl L. Nomeli
History 52 (Role of women in the
History of the United States)
Interviewer: Humayun Khan

Ralph’s Political Philosophy

In a country as rich as ours, we have failed to provide all our citizens and children with decent health care. We have inadequate schools with overcrowded classrooms, and underpaid teachers, while we spend more on alcohol, tobacco, and illegal drugs than we do on public education. Just one corporate mogul, Bill Gates, possesses enough personal wealth to match the budgets of all the school districts in California. And, we’re told that we can’t find enough money for public schools. It needn’t be that way if we didn’t sit back and allow this country’s democracy and elections to remain under the control of special interests, wealthy individuals and corporations. 90% of the winners in the last Congressional election were the ones who spent the most money. The bulk of that money came from organizations and corporations expecting payback. The primary concern of these corporations is too keep the public drugged on consumerism and escapism activities which they provide, leaving understanding and caring for each other as human beings a secondary consideration. Our schools are viewed as vehicles for training individuals to obtain jobs, leaving critical thinking, understanding ourselves and other cultures as a secondary consideration. This sounds like dangerous business! Why doesn’t anyone seem to care? No, it’s not really that they just feel futile. It’s because most have actually bought the propaganda that, “What’s good for Corporate America, is good for us all.” And, a successful businessman receiving 20 billion a year deserves it and should keep it! Our having the lowest voter turnout of all the world’s democracies would seem to indicate that the corporations have succeeded in their drug policy. Yet, there still remains the possibility that a good number simply realize that Corporate America has confiscated what democracy we may have had! And, if this be the case, perhaps there’s some hope left to enlist people to participate in a plan to reform our electoral system, and rescue our democracy from the plutocracy. Contacting Ralph Shroyer: Phone: 818-346-3334 • E-mail: rrshroyer@earthlink.net • Peace & Freedom Party | 323-759-9737 | www.pfp@la.peaceandfreedom.org | www.la.peaceandfreedom.org


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Ralph Shroyer

Ralph Shroyer
Me & my daughter, Claudia

Me & my daughter, Claudia
My grandchildren, Lauren & Eric

My grandchildren, Lauren & Eric

Greetings Jerry and Lynn,

this is apparently your surprise cousin Ralph (Shroyer).  Great to hear from you upon receiving your card. I appreciate hearing about your life. Obviously we’re both well along in the years. From what I hear from you, it sounds like you are probably the offspring of my late uncle Glen! I’m 86 now, but still active today playing tennis 4 to 5 times a week. In a few hours my geriatric buddies will be dropping over for our twice weekly poker games. They provide a mild supplement to my monthly pension check for teaching school for over 30 years. From what you say about Korea, I believe you may be a year or so older than me. I actually passed through basic training in 52’. Actually, while at Ft. Ord in California I ran into a soldier guarding a doorway. He had Shroyer printed on his helmet. He wouldn’t speak to me for fear of breaking his guard duty rules! If you were my Uncle Glen’s son wouldn’t Your name have been Shroyer? Where did Vogt come from? I remember that John Vogt is the father of famous actress Angelina Jolie.    Mysterious! Moving on, they wanted to send me to officer training school, but I told them that I’d had enough! I’d had enough education to realize that we had no business to be in Korea. I told them I had no quarrel with the Koreans, and didn’t want to go there and kill people or be killed. I promptly received a discharge (honorable). Amazing! Good bye Pork Chop Hill. I have participated in anti-war movements ever since to this day. I have a web page (RalphShroyer.com) where I divulge my liberal philosophies. I ran for Congress (unsuccessfully) four times in California. I have served as an executive board member on the AFT (American Federation of Teachers). I have a daughter and son in-law that are both teachers.  My experiences have taught me that if Americans had spent more time on education, health care, and jobs dealing with infrastructure we wouldn’t have Donald Trump today. But alas! Our true religion is green (MONEY)! By the way, I have a sister named Shirley Morton. She must also be a cousin of yours. She lives in Los Angeles with me. Her address is 10908 Cozycroft, Chatsworth, C.A. 91311. Her phone: 818-8827708.  My phone is 818- 3463334. I’m sorry to hear about your health problems and Lynn’s. At our age, of course, it’s inevitable.  Today Grandpa J.O. Shroyer, Glen, and Meredith are all gone. So, I hope this correspondence will help fill the void. It was great to hear from you. With love, Ralph Shroyer

Hi Jenna or Bennis

(I’m still not sure of the different names I’m receiving on your e-mail).  Also, I’m afraid that you are not either receiving or understanding some of the information I’ve sent to you in my e-mails. I’ll quote my last e-mail: “Hi Bennis, regretfully I must inform you, that at the present, I have decided to go with a tenant who plans to move in before the first of Sept. If he decides to back out I will certainly contact you. As I said before, you sound like a very good person. (But if you are Bennis Thompson, who is Jennifer Williams?) I’d like to help you if you wish. I perhaps could find a place for you to stay a few days until we locate a more permanent residence for you. I might be able to get you at the airport, and help your problem with the car if it’s not a cost risk to me.  Sincerely Ralph Shroyer”. Since then the applicant that I was counting on had to back out. I told everyone that applied I would let them know at the end of this month. That’s tomorrow! I will be able to let you know about the availability then. Since you haven’t yet met me or seen the room and the condo we really can’t be sure you’d find it to your liking. It would be nice if we could somehow talk on the phone. I don’t know if you had actually viewed the add on Craig’s List, but it answers a few of your questions. It mentions that I am an “older dude”, which means that it’s unlikely to expect much of a personal relationship if that’s what’s you’re concerned with. Nevertheless you sound like a great person, and your picture is beautiful. My main interests include: movies, politics, tennis, chess, poker, and ladies. Some of the advantages of the room and condo include: a garage, kitchen privileges, washer and drier, free electricity, free internet, free cable T.V. aquarium in room, small refrigerator and oven in room, tennis courts, two swimming pools and jacuzzi, and an upscale, safe neighborhood. I’m not adept at sending e-mail pictures, but perhaps later I can get a friend to help me send you some later. The Room rents for $700/Mo. + a $500 returnable initial deposit.  We can the check payment details later if we are able to decide on the availability later.  Sincerely, Ralph Shroyer