1) Preface

This writing is directed to those sincerely dedicated to the exploration of answers to problems concerning the future survival of humans on Earth.  The  reader must also possess the inclination, the patience and the stamina to  question the conventional wisdom of the day.

Any defense of human survival must deal with “the conventional wisdom”,  cemented in the human mind by layers of self-interest and emotions, which  that quintessential intellectual, J.K. Galbraith, characterizes as being  impervious to argument, logic, or facts, but vulnerable only to the march of events.  Generally only when catastrophe strikes does the conventional wisdom crumble.  Galbraith cites as examples the loss of faith in the balanced budget during the Great Depression of the Thirties, and the failure of isolationism at the avant of W.W. II.

Yet today, as we should all be aware, the destructive powers (chemical,  biological, atomic) unleashed by the technological revolution render waiting for catastrophe a catastrophe in itself!  Consequently, it could only be pure desperation which drives the writer, at this time, to confront the  prevailing attitudes armed only with science, logic, and facts.

At this point, this writer is, admittedly, not yet prepared nor talented  enough to provide the sugar-coating, the interest-arousing gimmicks, and  shocking metaphors necessary to attract the many who are, unfortunately,  only marginally concerned with the issue of human survival.

It’s obvious, then, that those who stand to benefit most, will be least likely to tackle this writing, while those who do, may already be in substantial accord with the knowledge and positions espoused. Therefore, a warning to all ye intellectual neophytes!  You probably won’t  survive the first few pages.  Yet, let us not succumb to total despair.   It’s hoped that further updates may ultimately provide the magnetism  required to attract the many who are yet unmotivated, or too unconcerned to take part in the exciting struggle for the survival of the human race.  And, if this writer should happen to falter in this endeavor, let there not be  lacking a challenge to others to undertake the difficult and delicate, but  essential task of effective communication.  After all, if one’s life is ever  to be dedicated to anything, what could be much more worthy than the cause  of human survival?

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