15) Human Survival Quiz

1. How long do anthropologists believe the human species has been on earth?

a) one million years

b) one billion years

c) four million years

d) two million years

2. Man’s mastery of technology out-pacing his growth in social understanding is referred to as:

a) the technological revolution

b) the industrial revolution

c) the geolapse effect

d) cultural lag

3. Which group is in the best position to create sociological change in society?

a) the poor

b) the politicians

c) the voters

d) the affluent

4. In “Human Survival” material comforts may be likened to:

a) life in the fast lane

b) drugs

c) totalitarianism

d) the fashion industry

5. What most impedes our efforts to change in order to confront threats to our survival?

a) human nature

b) God

c) established institutions

d) limited IQ

6. What best describes a typical election turnout in America? Less than:

a) 60% c: 50%

c) 80%

d) 30% of the registered voters show up

7. What group is in the avant-guard of the Capitalist-Free Enterprise philosophy?

a) libertarians

b) democratic socialists

c) socialists

d) followers of Charles Darwin

8. Which man is not an apostle of trickle-down economics?

a) Adam Smith

b) Nelson Rockefeller

c) Ronald Reagan

d) J.K. Galbraith

9. What % of the U.S. population possesses 95% of the wealth?

a) 1%

b) 3%

c) 5%

d) 25%

10. What U.S. president signed the Garn- St. Germain Act which deregulated federal regulations on the S&Ls?

a) Nixon

b) Carter

c) Reagan

d) Bush

11. What will bankers often say was the main reason for the collapse of the S&Ls in the late ‘80s?

a) federal deregulation

b) a drop in real estate market values

c) fraud within the system

d) William Seidman, FDIC chairman

12. Which American President candidly expressed the belief that our involvement in Vietnam was related to our quest for mineral wealth (i.e. the tin and tungsten)?

a) Roosevelt

b) Eisenhower

c) Kennedy

d) Nixon

13. What is most essential to the survival of the human race?

a) democracy

b) economic parity

c) lower taxes

d) disarmament

14. What U.S. President presided when the C.I.A. assisted in the assassination of popularly elected socialist President Salvador Alenede of Chile?

a) Truman

b) Eisenhower

c) Kennedy

d) Nixon

15. Which country has experienced a prolonged economic embargo, imposed by the U.S., which appears to be having a telling effect today.

a) Nicaragua

b) China

c) Iraq

d) Cuba

16. Under what system does it appear that an underdeveloped country has the best chance for gaining economic parity among its citizens?

a) dictatorship

b) democracy

c) capitalism

d) republic

17. The historical novel, Lawrence of Arabia, depicted well:

a) The roll of the U.S. in promoting Saddam Hussein to power in Iraq

b) The effort of the English to establish democracy in Arab lands

c) The Allies promise of self-rule to the Arabs in return for their support in W.W.II

d) The Arabs quest to establish a socialist regime

18. Who said “Better to be deprived of life than the means of making a living?

a) The Ayatollah Khomeini b)Lawrence of Arabia

c) Pres. Bush

d) Saddam Hussein

19. What plays the major roll in governing our educational system?

a) academic concerns

b) school boards

c) financial interests

d) voting public

20. In the June Primary of ‘94, what fraction of the public demonstrated that they actually cared about education?

a) 2/3

b) 1/2

c) 1/9 d ¼

21. Who branded the “giving away of priceless public lands” to mining companies for $2.50 an acre a “tawdry process”? a)Rep. Newt Gingrich

b) Int. Sec. Bruce Babbit

c) consumer advocate Ralph Nader d)Pres. Bill Clinton

22. What politician campaigned on acquiring the Line Item Veto, only to torpedo its enactment when the opportunity came?

a) George Bush

b) Bob Dole

c) Ronald Reagan

d) Newt Gingrich

23. Who stated that “the public does not have the capability to make an informed judgment”?

a) J.K. Galbraith

b) Walter Cronkite

c) Jerry Brown

d) Ralph Nader

24. Who best shares the ultimate responsibility for the OJ Simpson verdict?

a) The Media

b) police corruption

c) An inept prosecution team

d) the voters

25. Walter Cronkite recently expressed the opinion that in order to meet the costs of humane welfare we need to find a middle ground between:

a) democracy and autocracy

b) Big Government and State Sovereignty

c) Free Enterprise and Communism

d) Libertarianism and Socialism

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